April 2018  
Upcoming Events


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Upcoming Events

"People of the Bible" series on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm

April 24th—Men's Fellowship Luncheon at Noon

April 25th—Business meeting at 6:00pm

April 29th—Missionary Service


May 3rd—National Day of Prayer

May 6th—Senior Adult Sunday and Potluck Luncheon at Noon

May 8th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00am

May 12th—Mother's Day High Tea at 1:00pm in the Fellowship Hall

May 13th—Mother's Day

May 18th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

May 18th-20th—Rododendron Festival

May 20th—Morning Worship at 10:00am

                    Rhododendron Parade at Noon

May 20th-27th—Associational Emphasis Week

May 22nd—Senior Adult trip to Bandon at 9:00am

May 28th—Memorial Day

May 29th—Men's Fellowship Luncheon

June 3rd—Lord's Supper service at 11:00am

                 Deacon's meeting at 5:00pm

June 8th—Siuslaw High School graduation

June 12th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00am

June 12th-13th—SBC annual meeting at Dallas, TX

June 13th—Father's Day Root Beer Float fellowship at 6:00pm

June 14th—Last Day of school, Siuslaw Schools

June 15th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

June 17th—Father's Day

June 25th-29th—Vacation Bible School

July 4th—Game Night and fireworks at 6:30pm

July 8th—Sunday School Teacher's meeting at Noon

July 10th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00am

July 15th—Potluck Luncheon at Noon

July 18th—Business meeting at 6:00pm

July 20th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

July 26th—Children's trip to Newport Hatfield Marine Center

July 29th—PraiService

July 31st—Men's Fellowship Luncheon at Noon

August 5th—All-church picnic at 1:00pm

August 12th—Lord's Supper service at 11:00am

                    Deacon's meeting at 5:00pm

August 13th-17th—Youth Camp at Fir Point Camp

August 14th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00am

August 17th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

August 20th-24th—Kids Camp at Fir Point Camp

August 28th—Men's Fellowship Luncheon at Noon

September 3rd—Labor Day

September 9th—Sunday School Promotion Day

September 9th-16th—NW Missions Impact Week of Prayer and Missions Offering

September 11th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00pm

September 16th—Round-up Sunday High Attendance Day, Potluck Luncheon at Noon

September 21st—Women on Mission at 11:30am

September 22nd—Children's Fishing Outing from 11:00am to 2:00pm

September 25th—Men's Fellowship Luncheon at Noon

September 30th—PraiService

October 7th—Lord's Supper service at 11:00am

                         Deacon's meeting at 5:00pm

October 9th—Ladies Luncheon at 11:00am

October 14th—Sunday School Teachers meeting at Noon

October 16th—Senior trip to Adobe in Yachats at 11:00am

October 17th—Soup Night at 5:00pm

                          Business meeting at 6:00pm

October 19th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

October 28th—Harvest Festival during Children's Sunday School and Church at 9:45am

October 30th—Men's Fellowship Luncheon at Noon

November 3rd—Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Banquet at 5:00pm

November 4th—Daylight Savings Time ends

November 11th—Veteran's Day

                            Thanksgiving potluck luncheon at Noon

November 12th—WMU & Pastor/Layman's Conferences at Grand Mound, WA

November 13th-14th—NW Baptist Convention annual meeting at Grand Mound, WA

November 16th—Women on Mission at 11:30am

November 22nd—Thanksgiving Day

December 2nd—Lord's Supper service at 11:00am

                             Deacon's meeting at 5:00pm

                             Hanging of the Greens service at 6:00pm

December 2nd-9th—International Missions Week of Prayer and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

December 7th—Finger Food Fellowship and White Elephant gift exchange at 6:00pm

December 9th—Children's Christmas Play and fellowship for all ages

December 12th—Special business meeting to approve 2019 calendar and budget

December 19th—Christmas caroling

December 21st—Women on Mission at 11:30am

December 24th—Christmas Eve candlelight service at 6:00pm

December 31st—New Year's Eve game night at 6:00pm